About T. Edward Vives

T. Edward Vives initiation into the world of music began at age 4 in Auburn, Alabama. Under the tutelage of Edgar and Dorothy Glyde, he started with piano lessons, sparking a lifelong passion for music. His talent further blossomed in public school with an expanding interest in trombone performance and music composition.

Studied Years and Early Career

His academic aspirations led him to Florida State University, where he completed bachelor's degrees in Composition and Music Education. His studies under eminent composers like John Boda and Charles Carter, advanced trombone training under William Cramer and John Drew, and conducting lessons with James Croft laid a solid foundation for his musical career. This journey of musical excellence continued with a Master of Music in Composition and Music Theory, culminating in a Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Florida.

Award-Winning Achievements

He excels as the Musical and Artistic Director of the Los Alamos Community Winds. This ensemble has achieved finalist status multiple times in the American Prize, Community Wind Ensemble Division, including a first runner-up position in 2012. His compositions have earned international acclaim, winning the North Cheshire 2003 Composition Competition. He was chosen as the Commissioned Composer for the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico in 2003 and 2010. He also received the 2011 American Prize in Composition (Choral Division) and secured third place in the 2015 American Prize in Conducting.

Current Work

He has embraced various artistic and professional roles throughout his career. He has been the State Composition Chair for the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico and served as the Artistic and Musical Director for the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra in Show Low, AZ, from 2015 to 2023. His professional memberships span esteemed organizations, including Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, and the National Band Association.


Since childhood, he has enjoyed building and creating, a passion he now channels into Star Trek Scale Modeling and Sewing/Costume creation. These hobbies reflect his innate creativity and the innovation he brings to his musical endeavors.

Personal Life

He finds joy and solace in his life in White Rock, NM, where he resides with his wife Paula, their children Alex and Abby, and their beloved pets.
Charitable Activities

T. Edward Vives extends his collaborative and generous spirit to charitable causes, regularly contributing to the NAACP and DNC, demonstrating his commitment to social responsibility.

He symbolizes visionary artistry, professional dedication, and cooperative spirit. His career showcases his remarkable achievements and serves as an inspiration, while his personal life exemplifies a harmonious blend of commitment, creativity, and community involvement.

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